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          We are family owned and operated. We are reliable and professional.

                      Let us take care of your business with our business!

Owner Operators:  Tom Presgrove and Jamie
     Experience and reliability. We take pride in caring for your load like it is our own. We are committed to professional service. We believe success comes through understanding just what customer service excellence really is.
                                Safeland Certified and H2S Certified
                      We know that by exceeding your expectations,
                   you will be satisfied and YOU will refer us to others.


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The least expensive freight quote is not necessarily the cheapest way to ship. Our quotes are a fair price.  We save our customers on their shipments every year. Our trucks and trailers require less fuel than full size 18 wheelers. Another advantage is that we are always ready to go. At times we have found other loads to share the journey.   In turn, we pass the savings and convenience along to our customers.

Going the distance

It always seems like whenever you need something, it's across the country. Let us take the hassle out of shipping and receiving. It's less stressful to put your shipments in the hands of honest and reliable professionals. We have been north to Canada and to the south of Texas and everywhere in between.






Weather/Road Conditions/Holidays


We are ready to tackle obstacles that might hold others back. Always prepared for the unexpected and ready to go anytime you need us. We work holidays, weekends and will drive through the night to get your shipment there on time.

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